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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  May 9, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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using water to lower the odds of a pipeline blast. and the program that is turning more and more students into academic stars. good evening. it's monday may 9th i'm goalkeeper goalkeeper. this is mg last night a man tried to break down the door of a flight to san francisco. there's latest. authorities identify the man as a 28-year-old man. the fbi is now handling this investigation. police say he has a yemeni passport and no known terrorist
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connections and is expected to appear in court tomorrow on charges of interfering with a flight crew. the pilot contacted the control tower at 9:00 last night. >> we are going to need priority handling on our arrival. we is a-- have a passenger conflict here. >> referree: the man you see here in the back of the police car screamed in arabic while ramming the cockpit door. a former police officer helped bring him under control. the plane was over modesto when the incident unfolded. authorities took the man into dustdy. it is the top story tonight at 7:00. >> referree: as recently as last year, he worshiped in this islamic center and lived in this house in we have lay hoe. and his cousin still lives here and says his cousin was a math teacher in yes, ma'amen and came here looking to support his wife and children. >> he came through here of
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course he came to feed the family because you know, he used to be a teacher in there. and that is what he knows. >> referree: he says his cousin looked for a job here in the bay area but couldn't find work and moved to new york last year. he says that he is a good man but strong-willed. >> when we do arguments he likes to do arguments and he likes to win the arguments. >> referree: but that doesn't make him a criminal. >> he's not a terrorist. >> his cousin doesn't have details about the incident last night but suspects it may have come down to a language barrier he told me this afternoon he has not been in contact with his cousin for some time and learning he was the man who caused the disturbance on the plane last night was the first he had heard about his cousin in months. now to get a better understanding of cockpit
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security we spoke with a retired pilot about in-flight disturbances. >> an unruly passenger is small that most of the time the flight itself is not in jeopardy. >> referree: george says it would be unsettling to fly while someone is banging on the cockpit door. there is a restored 747 on display at the miami. since 9/11 there are now two kinds of locks and covered with kev lash. the man banging on the door was one of three incident yesterday. a continental airlines flight was diverted to st. louis after a passenger tried to open an exit door in flight. in a third incident, a delta flight from detroit to san diego was diverted to albuquerque. now for more coverage including raw video of the incident at sfo click to the bay area news tab on our home page,
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there is a call tonight to set up a no-ride list for amtrak. chuck schumers they the terror watch list would work like the no-fly list. train passengers would have to show a photo i.d. before boarding a train. the recommendation came from the 9/11 commission -- and is being revived in light of intelligence suggesting that al- qaeda is considering an attack on america's light rail system. a ceremony underway right now to acknowledge the academic achievement of oakland's brightest students calling the african-american honor roll. >> referree: let me tell you right now the room is packed with proud parents. a lot of the students coming here for the second and third time listening to speeches and then they will be getting awards. this goes to students in the oakland community grades 8
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through 12 who get a gpa of 3.0 or higher. it's game day and this student has his bats ready and his books. he is a 4.0 student who plays baseball, french horn and jazz trumpet and just made the african-american honor roll for the second year in a row. >> we work hard. we are from logan tech and that does not mean we are not the same as anybody else who is from a suburb. >> referree: he is one of 1,076 african-american students in oakland getting awards tonight. a coalition of groups started the honor roll to encourage academic achievement. >> people here hear a lot of negative stories about african- americans in the community. this is to say we appreciate the hard work you are doing. >> referree: now, nearly 19% of
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honored for academic achievement. nakita says it inspired her she is heading to mount holy oak this fall, the first in her family to go to college. >> it is hard to go home and study because the concept of studying not ingrained. it is hard to stay away from the trouble that we see but it is worthwhile and i think that a lot of the people who make the honor roll see that and understand that. >> referree: in a few minutes dave clark will be emceeing this event. for those students who have been on the honor roll for five years will get a personal letter signed by congressman barbary lee. police in sacramento arrested ten protesters for refusing to leave the capitol. >> the capitol is closed. please go home. >> referree: the sit in taking place right now is part of a week of protests by teachers to
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draw attention to state budget cuts. several hundred marched in a procession through the capitol building. speakers demanded adequate funding for schools. >> we are here today and will be here the entire week to tell our legislators they must extend the temporary taxes that californians are paying in order to protect schools and other vitale services. >> union members wearing blue shirts went inside the capitol to deliver material to every office detailing the cuts in their direction. california is facing a $15 billion deficit and the governor will make cuts if tax increases are not extended. san francisco is one of many school districts feeling the pinch. it is ready to cut $84 million from the budget. that is one year after cutting $113 million from a half billion dollars budget. california will spend less per
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student than any other state next year at $6,000 each. the university of california may consider a flex plan. the uc spokesman said that there is not currently a formal proposal but it could be a contingency if the state moves forward with an all cut budget. the ten campus-system could case $500 million in cuts if certain tax increases are not extended. federal regulators are considering new rules that would require home buyers to put down more money. the fdic is proposing a minimum down payment of 20% to qualify for a home loan. the thinking is it will keep people out of homes they cannot afford. buyers can purchase mortgage insurance to get around it. a realtor says it would soften the bay area real estate
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market. commodity prices rebounded today and the dow and nasdaq closed higher. police are warning residents about dangerous rattlesnakes after several dogs in the south bay have been bitten. there have been sightings. pet hospitals have run out of antivenom see rum due to a spike in the demand. >> this is the first time in eight years that we have seen any bites let alone multiple bites. this may be leading us down the road for a big rattlesnake season. >> referree: cal fire and santa clara county are addressing a public warning about rattlesnakes but has not received an unusual number of complaints. we are now know when jaycee dugard's book will hit shore shelves. it will be july 12th.
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she spent 18 years in captivity after being kidnapped in 1991. she was held in the backyard of a home near antioch. she gave birth to two girls fathered by garrido. the google executive who inspired the uprising in egypt is writing about the experience in a book called uprising 2.0. he started a facebook page in honor of a businessman who was killed by police. the book is due out in january. to prevent another san bruno explosion pg&e is pressure testing its pipeline and using this liquid to do it. i'm tom vacar. more coming up. why employees at state hospitals fear for their lives. a moderate breeze in some areas, moderate temperatures and a shower or two. how long before a sprinkle will
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last in your tuesday forecast coming up. our planes start flying when it's dark. and they don't stop flying until it's dark again. flying all day, every day. you deserve our best. that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule. ♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours. there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ]
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if all goes well, nasa hopes to launch the shuttle endeavour one week from today. a heater in the hydraulic system short circuited. mark kelly is the husband of the arizona representative gabrielle giffordss who was shot in january. she is expected to return to the cape for -- if for launch. california and more than two dozen states received a windfall of federal funds for high speed rail. today the federal government divided the money among 15 states. california's share is $300 million. california now has $6.3 billion in state and federal funds for
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the high-speed project running the bullet train from san francisco to los angeles is expected to cost $43 billion. pg&e's testing of the gas pipelines got underway today. as tom vacar reports, it is the best way to assess the true strength of the gas lines. >> reporter: pg&e is using 1,670,000 gallons of water to fill this 24.5-inch pipe. >> a small additional amount of water will increase the pressure to -- in the pipe. >> reporter: monitoring crews are looking at a series of delicate pressure gauges. >> any decrease in pressure is an indication of a water leak on the pipe. >> reporter: water does not express. take a look. a certain amount of pressure it works just fine. too much pressure and look, it starts leaking. >> we are testing this pipe to
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600 pounds today and keep it there for about eight hours. we normally operate it with natural gas with less than 400 pounds. >> if there is a leak, water will puddle on the ground and repair crews are standing by to address it. >> and any section of pipe that does not meet our standards will be cut out and replaced. >> reporter: a passing jogger was impressed. >> i think it is great they are doing a job they should have been doing beforehand. but people in this area, it will let them sleep easier at night. >> reporter: pg&e is testing pipe near the antioch bridge next week. i'm consumer editor, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. the consumer federation is expecting gas to drop $0.50 in the coming months because of tougher trading rules making it more difficult to speculate.
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a 50 cent drop will save u.s. drivers $189 million a day. the high price of gas is pushing up sales on motorcycles and scooters. motorcycle sales have jumped 15% since january and scooter sales have jumped 50%. one man spends $16 a week to commute from san jose to mountain view. the prime minister of pakistan spoke to his cabinet today saying that osama bin laden's death was justice dun but denied that the intelligence agency helped hide bin ladin. >> the allegations are absurd. we reject the accusation. >> reporter: he insisted that relations with washington remain strong but warned that any future u.s. covert raids could be met with full force. the main opposition party called on the prime minister
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and pakistani president to resign over the breech of sovereigny of the u.s. forces. and there is something missing from photos. this is the front page of friday's edition of an orthodox newspaper. they removed secretary of state hillary clinton from the photo. you can see her right there in the lower right hand corner. the brooklyn paper will not run photos of women because it could be considered sexually suggestive. newt begin rich is expected to run for the white house. a formal announcement will happen on wednesday with posts on facebook and twitter. he will be interviewed on fox news. he led republicans to take back control in the house for the first time in 40 years. two bay area tech companies are on the list of the world's most
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valuable brands. apple's brand value is at $153 billion. the agency says that the popularity of the ipod moved apple into first place. they took the top spot from gag couple is now at number two. ibm and mcdonald's are the top four. a worker at napa state hospital was attacked by a patient. last year a nurse was killed there. as john sasaki reports, the attack is causing fear in the employees. >> it is stressful out there. >> reporter: from the outside it looks peaceful and pretty. but inside, napa state hospital is anything but. >> there is no document that says you will be punched in the face, kicked, spit on, murdered, raped. you have no idea. you have no idea when you sign up for this. >> reporter: a psychiatric technician was attacked and beaten yesterday afternoon.
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>> he was hit repeatedly in the head. >> reporter: i obtained an official e-mail sent to staff that said no optimizations were reported and no staff had bonn -- to be taken to hospital by ambulance. >> they soften it down quite a bit so the point where it sounds like it wasn't much of anything at all. >> reporter: the patient who assaulted the staffer was not arrested. staffers believe the administration is not protecting them. i obtained these photos from staff members who say they were assaulted by patients in the past. >> how many bloody bodies is going to take to get this administration and this department of mental health to wake up and help us? >> reporter: this afternoon we watched as group of people on the grounds took part in a self- defense class which workers say they need. one staff member want another job and plans to apply at a prison because working there would be safer than this. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2
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news. we have learned that napa state hospital will not comply with changes issued by corral osha. nurse donna gross was killed there in october. the hospital has rescinded grounds passes for patients but not implemented recommended changes and has chosen to appeal the allegations and the fines. whitney houston is back in rehab for drug and alcohol treatment. she checked herself into an outpatient program. the publicist did not say where or for how long. she canceled dates on her 2010 tour because of illness. one of the bay area's best- known dance troupe will be in the spotlight. details on the perform that will have everyone on their toes. 80-degree weather could
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return before too long. we'll tell you where and when. you can watch all of our newscast on your computer including bay area news at 7:00. we're streaming live at ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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in memphis, tennessee, all eyes are on the mississippi river tonight. the slowly rising river is expected to crest on tuesday. the river has been over flood stage for days now and left many communities with water up to rooftops. president obama declared the region a major disaster area today. in the bay area we are about to get sun and rosemary is going to say soak it up while you can. >> today was not so bad. it was mild and warmer than yesterday. the winds blowing in cases. westerly breeze at the airport, 23 miles per hour the rest dealing with the wind between 10 and 15 miles per hour. oakland with 12 and santa rosa and napa with winds between 5 and 10. closer, redwood city reporting a westerly breeze to 1 miles per hour. 17 around palo alto and holding
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on to 60s out there. 36 in redwood city. 62346 san jose. widespread low mid-60s in the oakland area. 70 in santa rosa. 67 in napa and our east bay locations in the 60s. 62349 concord. 69 in livermore. our east bay locations saw showers at some point. walnut creek with scattered showers. you can see here now it is to our south in areas around gill roy salinas a spring until the last half hour. this will continue to work south over the course of the evening. and we will be finished with it. in case you wonder where it came from. you remember the system that brought us the cool down over the weekend, it did shift east but this is what we're watching now, wrap around moisture pulling southwest to bring us a few scattered showers this afternoon. we will warm up tomorrow, sunshine in the forecast,
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tuesday and wednesday. and the temperatures in the mid- to upper-70s for some of our inlandon locations. tonight it will be a cool one as we start the morning tomorrow. wed spread 40s tomorrow. grab your jacket but 70s for the afternoon in santa rosa. 27 in pleasonton. 71 in fremont and areas along the coast will see 60s. that is the three to five degree warmup over today. and wednesday still looking good. thursday not bad at all but into friday there is the cooling trend and look at the weekend. showers expected to develop on saturday, linger through sunday. in addition the temperatures will be cool. upper 50s on the coast and low 60s inlandon. the public broadcasting service is planning its fall schedule and the san francisco ballet will be part of the programming. pbs will be running the fall arts festival in october including the san francisco ballet performing the little
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mermaid. the arts programming will run on friday night for nine straight weeks. that is our report for tonight i'm gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues online at and with tonight's news at 10:00 on ktvu channel 2 news. tmz is up next right here on tv 36.
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